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Sweep out the Old, Leap into the New

Each bride looks for a way to make her wedding day unique. Twenty years ago, I was no exception.
My fiancé and I decided we would include the African custom of ” jumping the broom, ” as part of our ceremony. We wanted our broom to be as special, as the custom itself. We didn’t want an everyday kitchen broom or straw ” fan” broom. After much searching, I found a tall broom made of twigs and branches, which was reflective of ones used to join slave couples together. Next, we had to decide how it should be decorated. After some research, I knew there were options: the guest could tie on the brightly colored ribbons on before the ceremony, or we could use our wedding colors and decorate it ourselves , there really was no” right or wrong.” I decided to use our colors to design our wedding broom with colored ribbons, bows and silk flowers. It has become an heirloom and is still on display in our home today.

Since then, I have had the privilege of designing custom brooms for many happy couples wanting to include a symbol of “sweeping out the old and jumping into something new,” while including something unique and/or will honor their cultural heritage.

Each broom I design becomes personal to me. So whether it’s for your wedding, anniversary, renewing your vows, commitment ceremony, civil union or family reunion, I would truly love to design a special, unique, one-of-kind broom for you, that will become as treasured, as your special event memories.

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