Why A Wedding Broom?

“Jumping the Broom” is a time honored tradition, but it can go beyond its cultural roots. Much the way couples include the Rose, Unity Candle, Wine, or Sand ceremonies or Breaking the Glass, the tradition of the broom can be just as symbolic. It can be a symbol of ingenuity, commitment and devotion. Once an act of defiance, now it’s more an act of faith. A broom can become a treasured heirloom, representing symbols that unite.

The Symbolic Broom:

The broom has both symbolic and spiritual importance.

The bristles represent family, friends and loved ones
The handle signifies your faith or the Almighty
The ribbons represent the ties that bind a couple together

The Tradition, The History:

Most mainstream Americans may have been introduced to the idea of “Jumping the Broom” by the 1977 broadcast of Roots. During slavey, slaves were not permitted to legally marry, but being committed to the idea of family and rituals, led them to be creative, therefore, jumping the broom became a symbol that would honor and validate their union. While having “roots” in the African culture, it can also be found in the European cultures of the Celtic, Welsh, Druid and Romani people.

There are many ways to include the broom as part of your special day. If the broom is not completely decorated before the ceremony, provide a basket full of colorful ribbons or “wish” cards that can be tied on the broom. Guest can write well wishes on the cards or ribbons then tied on before the ceremony. When the broom is jumped, the bride and groom will be jumping over the wishes, thoughts and prayers of your guest. It also makes your broom even more of a keepsake and allows for audience participation.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the broom is laid at the couples’ feet or can be swept above the couple to signify the sweeping away the old, evil spirits or negativity . They can jump the broom, which might include the reading of the Ol’ Virginia Slave poem, on the way to their recessional.

Today regardless, of race, religion or nationality, couples can include this culturally rich custom as part of their celebration.

Jumping the broom can honor the coming together of two families and the commitment they make to each other as husband and wife. It can honor and show reverence to the legacy of our ancestors.

The Wedding Broom Company is a family owned and operated business dedicated to creating unique, custom heirloom wedding or occasion brooms for all couples of any community or culture. Brooms will designed to meet your details, specifications and vision.

Renita Williams is the creator and chief designer of our custom brooms from the alignment of each bristle, to the careful placement of each flower and colorful ribbons.

Each broom will be beautifully hand crafted with attention to detail. It will be designed to be uniquely yours. Besides selected ribbons , bows and flowers, it can include objects meaningful to you. Your broom will become a treasured memento to be proudly displayed in your home. In addition, your order will include a Jumping the Broom certificate, the Ol’ Virginia Slave poem and a history booklet, as well as, a consultation with Renita.

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